Audrey Jones

Audrey Jones
07/04/43 – 25/12/20

"I knew Audrey as a young woman, when she was my girlfriend, and again in old age. During the last two years we exchanged hundreds of emails revisiting the joys and the traumas of our shared past. Whatever spark had been between us 55 years ago was still alive. In her life Audrey had more than her fair share of troubles, but she was tough, resilient, and fiercely independent. Confronted with the hypocrisy and incompetence of the powerful her scorn could be withering, but she faced her cruel disablement since 2007 with courage, sometimes with anger, but without self-pity. Writing to me in old age her voice was strong, clear, witty, intelligent, sometimes caustic and unhesitatingly honest. Her zest for life was unquenched, her sense of fun undimmed. Together we unearthed and explored aspects of our youthful selves, and our (very different) personalities, which neither of us had previously understood. It has been an extraordinary privilege to have encountered Audrey not once in my life, but twice. I will miss her voice more than I can say: and the virtual hugs we sent each other. "


"Audrey was toughminded, witty and a great friend. I loved her art and I think she deserved to be much better known. My condolences to her family. "