Jeffrey Cushing

"Thank you Jeff, there is so much I can say you've been a constant for me in a very up and down life for us all. Thank you for the music lessons trying to teach me how to play flute and violin after school! Thank you for letting me quietly watch you paint and helping you out with filming your first tai chi DVD and editing in that little office!

Thank you for your quiet calm funny and whitty way of teaching us how to not sweat the small stuff and not take anything for granted. Thank you for inspiring me and everyone around you to nurture our creative side. Thank you for being such an awesome teacher you've taught me so so much and I think before I do anything now what would Jeff do!

Thank you for giving us another little sister in yasoda and being there whilst we grew up and tried to figure out what life was all about.

Thank you for being there when we'd come home to Bangor on our summer holidays and enjoying my food (which improved over the years)

Thank you for calling me Tera bird!

I cannot imagine going to Bangor now and not seeing you there in the kitchen or walking in after your many many classes you were doing! It's so so sad and aweful but I know that being ill did not suit you your body gave up but not your spirit!

Thank you Jeff xx"
Thahera Begum

"Dear Jeff, unfortunately I didn’t get to spend the time I would have liked to spend in your company. It’s hard to do when living on opposite sides of the world! The time I did spend was so relaxed, uncomplicated, generous and happy. Indoor climbing, walks, stories, family, your lounge room, yummy food, laughs, dry wit, music...
My family consider you, Heather and Yasoda family, so by extension we are also family and linked by a bond that the Begum’s and Brophy’s hold dearly and strongly in their hearts, minds and spirit.
You are truely loved!
Thank you for being such a huge positive influence and father figure to my family long before i’d ever met you. You still are! You were a rock and made such a difference and vital contribution to the wonderful people they all are.
Jeffers; it’s a time of sadness, shock, anger at losing you, tears, celebration and drawing together. We see you in our thoughts, hearts and minds. Farewell mate. x"
Evan Brophy

"I didn't know Jeff well; but enough to see what a lovely, generous person he was. May the love and happiness he brought to those around him temper the sadness in the space he leaves behind"

"Dear Heather and Yasoda, I never met Jeff, but heard so much about him. A special man by all accounts, but foremost your partner and dad. What a privilege for you to be able to call him that! I hope the sun will shine on you today to remind you of life's warmth, perhaps some rain to mingle with your tears and the wind to scatter your memories for all to share. "

"Who ever heard of a yoga teacher with a sense for healthy sarcasm and comic timing? Genius. What a massive loss. So embarrassing we still can't heal cancer. "

"It has been quite a few years since our paths last crossed, I am deeply saddened that in this life they won't cross again. The thing strongest in my memories of Jeff is his absolute dedication to bringing positivity, love, kindness and compassion to everything he did. Not just the kind of person who tirelessly helps others, also the kind of person who also inspires others when they think they cannot make a difference. Such a loss not just for the people he knew directly, but also for the difference he made indirectly."

"I attended Jeff’s Qi Gong workshop in May 2013 when visiting my daughter, who brought me there. Then she took Jeff’s DVD to Ottawa, and we would follow it to do exercises. I was impressed by Jeff’s personality ever since and thought about him often, even without properly knowing him. Jeff obviously lived a simple life, doing exactly what he felt he needed to do in this world. Such a great example for us all. R.I.P."

"One of the first people I met when I came to North Wales. A gentle soul full of fun. You will be greatly missed Jeff. Love to your family. "

"Dear Jeff, thank you for introducing me to Qi Gong at a difficult time of transition in my life. I learned so much about breathing, energy, focus... and about myself. You have touched the lives of so many people all over the world - I dragged my friends and family to your classes whenever they would visit, and they of course absolutely loved it. I am so grateful. I remember your sense of fun and humour, which was always brought in. Thank you for generously driving me back into town after classes at the gym. I remember our fresh orange "juicing" sessions at the gym after Qi Gong, and the empty bowl from your breakfast porridge in your car, kind of charming and chaotic. You left a beautiful energy with the stunning DVDs amidst mountain scenery, and these are among my treasured possessions, which I revisit regularly in my practice. I am sorry I did not get to know you better, I did not know much about your painting and fiddle playing and I regret it now. Your energy was so strong, it will now join the great masters at the eternal source. May we absorb your blessings and be of benefit to others. Lots of love to your beautiful family, I am also so grateful for knowing Heather. I never met your daughter but I am sure she is a beautiful person.. "

"Jeff was the person who, in 2012, switched me on to QiGong when, on a whim and having never done it before, I attended one of his Tai Chi/ QiGong classes in Bangor meeting him for the first time and discovering what an excellent and highly-skilled teacher he was with an uncanny ability to call on an array of disciplines which served to enrich every class I attended. Because of Jeff I still to this day practice QiGong which is testimony to the lasting impression, despite his incredible humility, he left on everyone he met. "
Robert Greig

"Xie Xie, Jeff, for teaching with such gentle humour and not a trace of prejudice, you made us all feel better every week and we will miss you x ."

"Diolch am dy ysbrydoliaeth, ac am wneud Yoga yn gymaint o hwyl, bydd colled enfawr ar dy ol.. "
Bethan Jones

"Jeff had such a kind heart, I attended his sessions whilst an inpatient in Hergest Unit and then upon discharge in Abbey Road Centre. No matter if it was a roomfull or just me there, he still gave a fantastic session giving time to be calm and reflective but also the otherside of tai chi - energising movements.
Thank you for believing in me and my journey Jeff even when I could not believe in myself xxx"

"I attended the Llangefni classes and Jeff was an inspiration to me. He made getting fit so easy and enjoyable, he always had a joke and a smile and never ever criticised those of us who were a bit hopeless. He will be missed by all his Llangefni old crones."

"We were so sorry to hear of Jeff's death in the face of his seemingly ever-present optimism. He was a great teacher and we shall miss him. With all very best wishes. "
Sarah Mann and Mike Breen

"Thanks for the Tai chi classes in Llandegfan, you made it such fun x"
Sam Bell

"May peace and comfort find you at this difficult time. I was introduced to yoga by a friend and wasn't too keen on the idea. Jeff's humor got me through and I returned time and time again. 'Left leg and right arm up'.... 'swap sides'... 'now all 4 limbs at the same time'...he joked. His entertainment poses made me chuckle too...'grab your big toes'. Thanks for introducing me to yoga, Jeff! You will be missed deeply! "