Funeral Plans

An increasing number of people are deciding to make their own funeral plans, this ensures not only that their wishes are respected, but it can also reduce some of the anxiety that their loved ones will feel at the time of loss. At Tirion we understand that everyone has different needs and that one person's funeral plan may not suit another so we use a plan that accounts for the difference in people's needs.

The Tirion Funerals Bespoke Plan is provided in conjunction with the Ethical Funeral Plans Trust. It starts and finishes by finding out what your funeral wishes are and then designs a funeral plan accordingly, your wishes are at the centre of the process. The Ethical Funeral Plans Trust is the only Funeral Planning Trust committed to investing your plan funds ethically.


Funeral in the Future, paid at the today's prices

If you take out a Tirion Funerals Bespoke Plan, you pay at today's prices for your funeral in the future. This will guarantee that, no matter what happens to inflation, all our costs will be covered in full at the time of the funeral. Increases in other costs that are paid on your behalf by us, called disbursements (such as crematorium, or cemetery, fees; doctors fees; and newspaper costs), will be covered up to the level of the Consumer Price Index. So whether your funeral takes place in twelve months, or thirty years, there is nothing more to pay for our services.


Full Security for Your Funds

When you take out a Tirion Funerals Bespoke Plan, the payment that you make is paid into the Trust Fund. This makes your funds totally secure. So whatever happens in the future, the funds will be there to pay for your funeral at the time of need.

You Choose the Way that You Pay

If you would like to pre-pay for your Funeral Plan by one lump sum (at today's prices), that's fine. If you would prefer to pay by monthly instalments over any period from twelve months to five years, that's fine too. In fact, if you choose to pay over twelve months, there is no interest payable. Thereafter, interest is payable at the rate of 6% per annum compound.

The fee for our funeral plans is £180, this is to pay for the administration through the life of the plan.

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