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How it works

The conversation can start whenever you want, we welcome phone calls from people who are arranging their own funerals, as there is something lovely about meeting and knowing the person whose funeral we will arrange. You can have direct input into how you would like your funeral to be and we can hear your views and choices. We have a pre-pay funeral plan with the Ethical Funeral Trust if you wish to pay in advance.

If you would like to conduct the funeral yourselves we can just advise you on doing this.

If you are a bereaved person and you would like us to undertake for you, simply give us a call at any time and we will collect the body of the person who has died. At this point there is not much rush to make any decisions but there are two things you need to do:

  • Get the medical certificate – you can get this from the GP or the hospital doctor. You need this form to register the death
  • You then need to register within 5 days of the death, you will then be given the forms you need to arrange the funeral

We cannot register the death for you, it needs to be a family member or the person who is arranging the funeral with us. Following this we will meet with you to prepare the necessary paperwork and start the arrangements. At this point, we will give you an estimate of the costs involved. We will keep in touch throughout the process and we will be available for you to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We will prepare the deceased for burial or cremation, where we will do as little as is required so as to leave the body at peace. If you would like to visit the deceased we will prepare them for viewing. We try to avoid embalming and if the burial is in The Eternal Forest then this is prohibited (unless in specific circumstances).

Please click on the relevant pages to find more information and prices on burials and cremations.

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